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Hearing Test

If you're struggling with your hearing, make an appointment with us for a hearing test. If you haven't had a hearing test before, we realize the prospect can be rather daunting and we know there are many questions you might have about the process and what's involved. 
During your hearing test, we will establish the threshold of your hearing. This will provide a clear assessment and will allow us to determine the next course of action.


We will ask about your current hearing situation, in what (if any) situation you feel your hearing may be affected. We will ask about your lifestyle, do you enjoy listening to music in large concert halls or frequent dinner parties with friends and family? We will then ask about your general heath and if you have been exposed to long periods of loud noise.


We will check the health of your ears to see if there is any build up of wax. We will not conduct a hearing test where wax build up is present, in this case we would refer you to your GP to get your ears syringed and make you another appointment when this has been done.


Headphones will be placed over your ears and sounds will be played into each ear one at a time across different frequency ranges. You will be asked to press a button to indicate you heard the noise. Your results will then be plotted on an audiogram which simply is a graph indicating your hearing threshold (what sound levels you can and cannot hear in each ear).


We will show you your audiogram and explain what (if any) type of hearing loss you have and most importantly, options on what you can do about it. We will always advise where hearing can be improved without the aid of amplification.