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Best Hearing Protection Options

Pair of Earplugs

One of the most common issues that occur as we get older is with our hearing. Some people report that the older they get, the more of their hearing they lose and because hearing loss is so gradual, most don’t even realize it until it’s too late. It’s important, then, that you endeavor to attend appointments with an audiologist to assess our hearing and what lifestyle changes you could make to ensure that your hearing isn’t being damaged on a daily basis.

Regular assessments can help you to understand how bad your hearing has become and whether you need more appointments to fit hearing aids: your audiologist will be able to confirm this with you. While you are trying to make sure that you get the best possible hearing loss treatment, you need to work out what you could do to prevent your lifestyle affecting your hearing that badly. You should work on protecting your hearing the best way that you can and sometimes that can come from investing some cash in good hearing protection.

So, with all of that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the types of hearing protection out there that is going to help you to make the best possible decision going forward. Here they are:

Wax balls

The one thing that you can get from your audiologist is the answer to which hearing protection could be the best for you. Wax balls are effective because these can completely seal off your hearing in a way that earplugs do not and you get the sensation of being cut off completely from those around you. These little sound blockers are perfect if you are working in construction and attending music concerts, as they will protect your hearing entirely. They are a little more expensive than the disposable earplugs on the market, but they are a cheap ear protection alternative for your ears over things like earmuffs. They work very well for those who are on night shifts and need to block out the day, as well as those on loud working sites.

Foam earplugs

The good thing about foam earplugs is how easy they are to get hold of. You can buy them in bulk and after a couple of uses, they can be disposed of. They can be used in any walk of life, but those who work in factories or construction sites will know the benefits of foam earplugs better than most. They are an excellent, effective and cheap hearing protection option. They do well for those who like to attend music concerts, too and are one of the most common options out there.


Most of the time, people think that earmuffs are just to warm the ears. Your audiologist at Mountain Ear Hearing can tell you that this is not their only function. You can get these in a variety of models, from those that click onto safety helmets to those you wear in the cold weather. Earmuffs can cover the ear completely without inserting anything into the ear directly. There is less of a risk of infection as nothing is placed inside the ear and they’re a good winter alternative - though they can be bulky to carry around!

Silicone plugs

These are very similar to the foam earplugs mentioned earlier, with just a different material to rely on. These provide good hearing protection without irritating the inside of the ear canal. You don’t have to insert them right into the ear and they are something that you would only use once before putting in the trash. Buying in bulk can provide you the proper hearing protection without breaking the bank.


If you want a more advanced solution, select a customized hearing protection option like otoplastics that can offer coverage during even the loudest hobbies. These fit more naturally and can last for years. They also have various muffler values so that you can ensure that your hearing is completely protected. Have a chat with your audiologist to know if these are right for you.

Speaking to an audiologist can help you to determine which ear protection is good for your hearing loss and at Mountain Ear Hearing, we’re happy to walk you through all the options so that you feel confident with your choice. Here are our numbers that you can call us today at: