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Do You Need Professional Ear Cleaning?

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A lot of people wonder whether or not they need professional ear cleaning. This is a service that’s provided by an audiologist, who uses special tools and techniques to remove impacted ear wax and give your ears a thorough clean.

The majority of people will go through their lives without needing to undergo professional ear cleaning. So, how do you know if you’re one of the rare people that do? To help you figure this out, we’ve listed a few questions below that you should answer.

Have you tried cleaning your ears at home?

Ear cleaning can be attempted at home, but it’s vital you use the right technique. The safest and most effective method is by using softening drops. Typically, you can buy these from any pharmacy or convenience store, and they contain an olive oil solution that softens the wax in your ears. If you’ve tried this, and your ears still don’t feel clean, then you probably need professional ear cleaning from an audiologist.

Are your ears constantly blocked?

Do you keep walking around with the feeling that your ears are very full and stuffed up? This is a common sign that you’ve got too much wax in there, and it’s blocking your ear canal. You’ve probably tried unblocking your ears over and over again but to no avail. If your ears always feel blocked, then it’s advised you see an audiologist for professional ear cleaning.

Is your hearing getting worse?

Blockages in your ear will naturally have an impact on your hearing capabilities. When earwax builds up, it can solidify and become really hard. Essentially, this means you have a hard substance that’s stuck in your ear and making it very hard to hear correctly. So, if you answered yes to this question, then earwax might be the problem, and you need it professionally cleaned and removed.

Do you have ear pain and a constant ringing?

Ringing in your ears is usually a symptom of tinnitus. When this is combined with ear pain, then it often points to earwax as the source of the problem. It’s strongly advised that you undergo professional ear cleaning if you have either of these problems and they aren’t going away. Particularly if you get pain and ringing despite not being around loud noises. Most people experience tinnitus after constant exposure to loud sounds, but if you’ve not been around any, then that points to earwax as your issue.

Remember, professional ear cleaning isn’t essential for everyone. Mostly, your ears will remove wax by themselves. In fact, we actually need earwax to help keep our ears free from harmful debris and bacteria. But, when it hardens and becomes stuck in your ear canal, then you need it removed. The best way to do this is through professional ear cleaning by a qualified audiologist. After reading this post, you should be more aware as to whether or not this service is necessary for you. If it is, then call up your local audiologist today and schedule an appointment before things get worse.